Allantoin is a white odorless powder. Other Allantoin containing compounds that may be used in cosmetics and personal care products. It is used in the formulation of bath products, eye makeup, hair care products, oral hygiene products and skin care products.

It is used in both cosmetics and drug preparations because of its ability to boost wound healing.  Allantoin has wound healing, anti-irritating, hydrating, keratolytic, analgesic, cell proliferative and epithelial stimulating effects. Allantoin is found in herbs including comfrey, plantain, yam, borage, tea, horse chestnut, uva ursi, and sour cherry stems. It helps shed the outer layer of the epidermis and promotes healthy tissue formation.

It also softens the skin and enables it to absorb more moisture. It’s particularly effective at treating wounds, burns, skin ulcers, eczema, and any other abrasion in the skin.

Allantoin used in Soaphoria products is sourced with respect to the environment and sustainable development.

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