The bee has an incalculable value for nature, but also for society. This miraculous creature does not work for itself, it works for the benefit of nature and man. In the EU alone, animals, including bees, pollinate about 80 percent of the entire spectrum of crops, with 4000 varieties of vegetable only exist thanks to bee pollination. The whole spectrum of crops including apples, citrus, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers and sunflowers depends on pollination activity of bees.

The economic value of bee pollination has been estimated at € 265 billion per year. That is several times more than the GDP of the smaller European countries. The fact is that if we prevent bees from accessing, for example, apple trees that will be pollinated by wind or other insects, we get only about 1/7 of the crop. Some plants cannot produce fruit at all if they are not pollinated by bees.

Man needs bees as well as nature does, and bees need good people that Scrubee will gradually support. One of them is a beekeeper working on the project which aim is to secure ecological balance and biodiversity in nature of. You can help him by contributing to this project, by purchasing Scrubee® products. 10% of the Scrubee sale price will be dedicated to bee rescue.

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