Damask Rose Flower Water acts astringent-like and adjusts skin tone. It is ideal especially for mature, dull and sagging skin. Rose flower water regenerates, revitalizes, combats signs of aging and wrinkles but it is also useful for the treatment of oily skin with enlarged pores. It refreshes, soothes redness, reduce allergic reactions.

With its sophisticated fragrance, induces emotional balance, soothes, relieves stress and nervous tension, bring inner peace. Damask Rose Flower Water is suitable for all types of skin, including soft and sensitive. It iis great for treating eczema, reactive skin prone to redness (rosacea). It is produced as a by-product – however, a very high-quality product, in the process of steam distillation of plant material and essential oils.

It is characterized by its excellent quality and extremely high content of bioactive substances. Has a much more subtle effect than essential oils, therefore needs not to be further diluted. On the surface of the skin it creates an active and moisturizing protective film/layer with softening, soothing and healing effects.

Rose flower water used in Soaphoria products is sourced with respect to the environment and sustainable development.

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