Soaphoria shares the ecological, environmental and ethical values. Since these values represent the highest priority for us, the whole process of our production from inputs to the final outputs was designed to respect these values as well as environment and sustainable development.

Not only the quality, but also the origin of the ingredients is important for us. Our products are made of natural and organic ingredients such as vegetable butters, oils, various kinds of wonderful herbs, essential oils and extracts. We prefer the ingredients that come from ecological agriculture and work only with the highest quality ones. We do not use ingredients such as palm oil and any other ingredient that is obtained at the expense of the environment, which is the natural home of endangered species or ingredient which obtaining harms the planet Earth in any other way.

Although the European Union law does not allow animal testing within the EU countries, there are still many producers that test their cosmetics on innocent mute little creatures. We have always said, say and will say no to any kind of abusing and cruelty.

Soaphoria uses exclusively cruelty-free ingredients and all of the products are tested by the accredited institutions. You can be absolutely sure, that no animal had suffered for your favourite cosmetics to be made.

We are very careful about the packaging materials. Soaphoria products are preferably filled into the glass bottles. In case the product itself is not designed for glass packaging, we prefer aluminum tubes or paper boxes. All of the packaging materials come from the European suppliers, are certified for the cosmetic use and are absolutely safe for preserving the product quality as well as its impact on your health.

Of course, there are also products packed in plastic bottles and jars, which would be most preferred to be omitted, but there is a reason for their use, too. First of all, this type of material is still the most practical for the delivery issues, traveling and safety. In case you travel a lot, you probably would not prefer to take a heavy glass-full cosmetic bag with you. Also, if your household is so blessed to have children living in there, you must consider the safety over everything. And if you are a conscious human being, you are aware of the fact, that if the plastic garbage is separated properly, it is still better than glass bottles lying on landfills.

More to add, the labels which beautifully complete the design of the Soaphoria products and inform you about all the super effects of your favorite cosmetics are made of paper and marked by easily biodegradable ink.

Our producing area has its strict rules also when it comes to natural resources and waste. The area itself is designed and constructed with as much respect to the environment as possible. It is furnished with furniture that was made with use of waste wood and equipped  with high performance skylight system to minimize daytime electric lighting. We use only as much water as we really need and always stop the tap when the running water is not a necessity. As an amazing side effect to the hand production also our electricity consumption is lowered.

Moreover, every material is used as many times as it can be before it is carefully separated as a waste. Although you cannot see all the effort we put into minimizing our waste production, you can notice a little bit of it when unpacking your order. Every piece of your favorite Soaphoria collection will be delivered to you with a piece of a cardboard which functions as a filling material ensuring comfort and safety of your product during the long journey to its new home. Please, do not be upset if you will find a piece of bubble wrap or any other material in your package, too. All of the filling materials used to protect your cosmetic treasures are in fact materials coming from our suppliers and other companies, that would be soon or later carefully separated. By sending pieces of them to you, we are giving them a little extra chance to be useful before they became the real waste.

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