Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is powdered, oxidized zinc derived from the naturally occurring mineral, zincite, and routinely used in a wide range of consumer products. Zinc Oxide is well recognized as a key sunscreen ingredient that is effective in providing protection from UV light. 

It plays an important role in safeguarding public health. Zinc oxide is also sometimes used in makeup to impart opacity to products like foundations, particularly powder-based makeup. It has soothing effects and can be used for skin irritations.

As an ointment, it is also used in diaper rash products.  Last but not least, because zinc is the second most present metal in the human body after iron, and thus part of every structure including stratum corneum, there are a lot of topical solutions against skin disorders such as acne, dandruff, rash, dermatitis.

Zinc oxide used in Soaphoria products is sourced with respect to the environment and sustainable development.

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